Established in 1976 we are the leading resellers of industrial products at Jamshedpur. We are at present catering to Steel, Automobile, Soap, Gas, Chemical, Cement, Power, Food, Sponge Iron, Zinc, Tin Industries, Reasearch and Education Institutes, Lac Manufactures, Foundries, Refrectories, Mines, Beverages, Dairy and Collieries to name a few.

The group has discernible distribution channels for Industrial Chemicals and Petrochemicals. With our credentials, experience and resources at our command coupled with personal contacts with consumers and customers, we hold a prime and domineering position in the Eastern Indian chemical market. We have alliances with a diverse group of companies in India and abroad, that are based on mutual understanding of building long-term stable relationships. With that backbone, we are able to provide quality, low-cost services to our customers in a market that is expanding globally.

Today the Groupís distribution activities encompass products in diverse categories as raw material for various industries. Whereas Chemical distribution and trading remains the chief focus area, the group's success in such traditional endeavors of trade has emboldened us to set new targets and inculcate self reliance to achieve them

High quality, dependability and proactive concern for the environment have given GOLCHHA ENTERPRISES PVT. LTD. a commanding position in the market with a presence as radiant and dynamic as the name it carries.